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Welcome APL GURUs.

Our vision and goals for APLGURU.COM

  • Share your knowledge, tips and tricks about the APL programming language.
  • Provide a learning platform for "newbees" to visit including Whitepapers, YouTube videos, Training Aids, Online APL training courses, and presentations.
  • If you are an APL GURU, then this is the place to share your experiences.
  • If you are new to APL, then this is the place to come and learn from the experts.
  • APLGURU.com will have hundreds of YouTube videos that explain the APL language, step by step. Select a topic, and get a quick refresher. Or, download the APL PDF BOOK (FREE) and walk through the complete YouTube training module - chapter by chapter.
  • Search the APLGURU to find quick tips and tricks about APL applications posted by the "best of the best".
  • APL GURUs who wish to upload their knowledge should sign-up as a member of APLCloud.com.
  • Access to APLGURU.com content is free for everyone.
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