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Why APL Cloud?

  • Easy To Use

    Today's new UNICODE font formats are standard and commonplace. The specialized APL symbols can now be entered, saved, and shared over emails, in databases, and within files. When saving NOTEPAD files, select the UNICODE option to support a full range of specialized characters including foreign languages and the APL character set.

  • Think In Arrays

    APL is all about data arrays. The APL built-in functions and operators leverage a variety of data array shapes and content types. A+B works the same for 2 simple numbers as it does for two multi-dimensional arrays. Also, simple non-dimensional scalars can be applied to any "N" dimensional array without changes to the function.

  • Internet Presence

    APLcloud has made it easy to build Internet-ready applications, web sites and web services with APL. We leverage the best APL engines including Dyalog APL and APL web servers (MiServer). Build, debug and deploy fully functional web services with APL in minutes that can communicate to any other Web Service on the Internet (SOAP and REST servers with HTML, JSON, XML data).

  • Performance

    APL has reached new levels of performance. Dyalog APL has been optimized to execute programs using parallel processing techniques. Web service calls to MiServer web server are lightning fast and support sub-calls to a variety of back-end programs and web services.

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